Cost Model

Our aim is to provide an easy, fair and transparent cost model. In order to achieve this we decided to offer a very simple model.

Cost Unit

Our accounting unit is based on a time period of 5 minutes. The base price per accounting unit is €6 before tax.

Location of Service

As for the location of service, we try to be very flexible. In general, it does not matter whether we work on-site at a location convenient for you, provide consulting services via phone or offer remote support or service via an Internet connection. We adjust based upon your needs.

On-Site Services

If you prefer that we provide our services at a location of your choice, then we need to include these travel costs into our calculation. The base price for traveling to a location near you is €1 before tax per kilometer based on the location of our company.

Sample Calculation

You want us to provide our services at your office that is 10 km away from our office in Ohlstadt. Our services include 2 hours of consulting:

  • 10 km x 2 x €1 = €20 before tax
  • 120 / 5 minutes = 24 accounting units * €6 = €144 before tax
  • Sum = €20 + €144 = €164 before tax