A couple of days ago I did some performance tests between Oracle 10g (Express) and Oracle TimesTen. As with any commercial products, there is some licensing and costs involved. Obviously, our idea was then to look for a more cost efficient solution in order to get the same results. We specifically […]

OlivaNova application: performance comparison for H2 Database

Just recently, I had been asked to compare the performance of Oracle 10g and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database. We wanted to evaluate to what extent the performance of a mission critical system could be increased by using an in-memory database like Oracle TimesTen compared to a “regular” RDBMS like Oracle […]

OlivaNova application: performance comparison between Oracle 10g and TimesTen

I just recently did some evaluation on OLIVANOVA along with TimesTen In-Memory Database as the persistence layer. OLIVANOVA is a model driven software development environment that generates code for business software. Certified database management systems include all major relational database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and […]

OlivaNova is compatible with TimesTen In-Memory database