Today I uploaded my first Windows Phone 7 Mango app to Microsoft’s App Hub. It is all about the service provided by OnlineTvRecorder.com. It talks to their API to view TV programs/schedules, shows your own recordings as well as future highlights and top-recordings. An integrated search lets you search the […]

Yay! my first Windows Phone 7 Mango app officially published

Last week I learned a very interesting lesson. I am just in the end phase of a custom software delivery project. Using OLIVANOVA‘s model driven software development approach, I created a three-tier application with an ASP.NET client, a COM+ based server tier and MS SQL Server as the persistence layer. […]

ASP.NET: very slow page load leads to extremely poor user ...

As stated in a recent post, I’ve been able to create a Silverlight 4 client that accesses an OLIVANOVA generated business logic using WCF RIA Services. Well, the actual code to enable this scenario is in fact not that complicated (once you learned how to write Silverlight enabled WCF RIA […]

Silverlight 4 and WCF RIA Services generated from OlivaNova model